Channel Letters

Wesco Signs offers Channel Letters with quality customization options and displays at a great price

Wesco Signs offers Channel Letters with quality customization options and displays at a great price. These are individual letters that are secured to your structure at the level that you desire. Our installers are certified architects who will ensure that your sign is secure and shining for all to enjoy.

What are channel letters? Think about your favorite restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, pop-up boutiques, dispensaries, and so much more. The separate, glowing letters that draw your eye on a busy road are the channel letters that your business is ready to have. Your brand is a powerful force that is awaiting a sign to properly represent such uniqueness.

Soon, you can have the floating signage that makes your business stand out. Wesco Signs has an array of fonts, materials, and sizes that you can choose from to represent your business. Build your sign of channel letters with our graphic design team and watch your vision come to life before your eyes.

At Wesco Signs, our trained designers and consultants help you shape your brand image by placing your company name or insignia on the outside or inside of your office, hotel, or any other building.

Channel Letters features


Our Channel Letters are three-dimensional characters crafted of high-quality sheet metal, plastic or aluminum. Our state-of-the-art technology measures and bends the shape according to your preferences of size and font, cutting sharp, accurate edges to create your channel letters. Wesco Signs is a team of experts who provide you with quality and variety.


Give your sign an elegant yet futuristic aesthetic with reverse lighting. Have our high-quality LED bulbs behind your heavy-duty letters emit an eye-catching shine that gives your business a special glow when the sunsets.


Be ambitious, bright, and bold. Light up the streets with a company name that exhibits brilliance. When the sun goes down, your business rises. Allow your channel letters to be the guiding light that attracts interest and intrigue.


Combine elegance with a bold surprise by having both the back and front of your company name shine in the night. The message you’re trying to send with your brand can be expressed through this explosive lighting option for your channel letters.


Leave the elegance behind and be the standout performance with exposed face channel letters. This removes the face of the letters to reveal the bulbs beneath the surface, offering your company’s brightness to the world. Be transparent. Get exposed.

Our Channel Letters samples

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